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Samsung Video Surveillance Solutions Keep a Watchful Eye Over Houston’s Premier Entertainment Area


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The newly finished revitalization of a 570,000-square-foot mixed-use center in downtown Houston, known as GreenStreet, has transformed downtown into a new destination. The center is an inviting, pedestrian-friendly green space in an urban setting, complete with a linear park … Read More »

Passive Optical Networks Explained


CSC and Tellabs invite you to attend the Cabling Installation & Maintenance webinar on passive Optical LANs this Wednesday March 27, 2013 (1:00 PM EDT / 12:00 PM CDT / 10:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM GMT). Register now! This webinar will be delivered by Jim Hayes, founder of The Fiber Optic Association (FOA), who is a proponent … Read More »

Are The Standards Serving Their Intended Purpose?


There are many advantages to being a blogger. I don’t have to write in full sentences. Or I can get away with a run-on sentence, or misplaced comma. But, now that I have been doing this for a while, I am finding that people rely on me to “ponder” on their thoughts and ideas. “So, Stefanie, now that you are … Read More »

WESCO/CSC Open House in El Paso: Friday Sept. 23


The WESCO/CSC open house events have been a huge success in our industry – hitting each city with tons of excitement and enthusiasm from customers, visitors, manufacturers and the WESCO/CSC associates! Next city you should visit is El Paso, TX, where we will once again be serving complimentary food and beverages – this time from the “The Legendary Bar-B-Q” of The State Line … Read More »

Video Telephony, It’s Finally Here: IEEE Spectrum Feature Story


Sometimes I read an article and can’t help thinking, “this is as well written as a good Stephen King novel” (Yes I am a Stephen King “constant reader”). So I felt compelled to pass along this great article that reviews the progression of video phones and the technology that has brought them (finally) to market. The writers, Thomas Weigand & Gary … Read More »

CSC: Your Unbiased Knowledge Resource for Network Cabling Information

Welcome to the new CSC blog! I’m a “lifer” in the industry – and have been with CSC for well over a decade. In case you are not very familiar with us, CSC is the industry leader in all things communications related, from IP Infrastructure products to surveillance products. What do we pride ourselves on? Being completely unbiased – we’ll … Read More »