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Terminology Tuesday: DVR, Hybrid DVR & NVR


It’s time for another Terminology Tuesday and the topic du jour is on recording. I’m often asked about the difference between DVR, NVR and Hybrid DVR. Let’s start out with some basic definitions:
DVR = Digital Video Recorder, these recording devices capture video from analog cameras
NVR = Network Video Recorder, these devices are used in IP surveillance systems
Hybrid DVR = Has … Read More »

Terminology Tuesday: MPO & MTP – What’s the Difference?


Speed and efficiency are of ever increasing importance, and hence came into play a myriad of pre-terminated fiber solutions. I realized recently, that I was confused by a fact – I thought that MPO connections and MTP connections were identical, just different abbreviated call-outs by various manufacturers for the same product. Happens often enough, but I wasn’t sure if it was actually correct in … Read More »

Terminology Tuesday: CI vs. CIC Cable


I came to work expecting another typical day at the office, when suddenly the fire alarm began to blast. I quickly told the person on the other end of the phone that I would call them back. Then I covered my ears (it’s winter in Chicago, so I tried my ear muffs to no avail), and I continued to work, as did everyone around me. We assumed … Read More »

Terminology Tuesday: Access Control Terms


I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on the posts I’ve published that define terms, so this week I thought I would tackle Access Control. I figured I would simply discuss “egress” and “biometric readers” and “proximity cards” and then make a cute comment or two on the terms used like “Tailgating”. Everyone knows tailgating is what you do before … Read More »

Terminology Tuesday: Interpreting Cable Descriptions


Have you ever picked up a catalog to order cable and thought the descriptions were written in another language. Writing a catalog description for cable that fits into the standard character count – is a lot like tweeting. You have to be a bit creative. So I thought I would create a quick guide for interpreting as many of the … Read More »

Terminology Tuesday: 7 Layers of the OSI Model


Over the weekend I was enjoying a delicious 7-Layer salad while contemplating what term I should blog about this week. It’s funny how the mind connects different thoughts, but needless to say, I found myself trying to remember the 7 layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. I admit, I needed to look some of this up, but thought that … Read More »

Terminology Tuesday: Contractor Buzz Words


You want what?
Years ago, (can’t reveal how long ago, but it has been quite a while) when I was in sales, I would get some of the most interesting requests from contractors. Apparently, there is a different language one learns in the contracting business. So my goal today is to “reveal” what’s behind curtain number one, and interpret (to the best of … Read More »

Terminology Tuesday: Delay Skew


I was asked to proof read a new piece of literature the other day, when someone looked over my shoulder and commented about the photo on the page. “Wow, someone has to punch down all those wires individually?” I started to explain the punch down process, and moved into a more technical explanation of how and why the cable pairs are … Read More »