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Request Your Copy of the WESCO CSC 2014-15 Data Communications and Security Catalog


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The new WESCO CSC Data Communications and Security catalog is now available. With over 700 pages, more than 100 manufacturer’s product solutions, emerging technologies (such as DAS, PON and DCIM), and over 13,000 SKU’s, you will quickly see why WESCO CSC is your ONE Source for data communications, security and electrical … Read More »

nCompass Cabling Solutions Video: Support, Energy Efficiency, Reliability & Flexibility


Here’s a great video from Legrand and Superior Essex about the new nCompass structured cabling systems that launched in early April. With nCompass you can connect (and stay connected) to your network. nCompass structured cabling systems ensure you will maintain greater uptime and peak performance, accommodating ever-changing density and bandwidth requirements needed for today’s networks. You’ll get a system designed with flexibility for … Read More »

Corning’s ALTOS® Cable with FastAccess™ Technology: “It’s the cable with a peel!”


Over the years I have heard many a woe from installers about the time and hazard involved in outside plant cable installation. And with fiber cable, issues of “fiber damage” come in to play, which can be costly on the job-site.  ALTOS® Cable with FastAccess™ Technology will forever change how you think about cable installation. Thanks to the innovative engineering … Read More »

TIA 2012 ICT Market Review & Forecast for Network Infrastructure Spending Has Positive Outlook


I was sent this great article from OSP Magazine that quickly outlines TIA’s ICT Market Review and Forecast. The report projects increased spending due to the rapid growth in use of smartphones, tablets, cloud-related services and video streaming for business purposes. In turn, these create greater demand on the corporate network. What type of increase are we talking about? The … Read More »

Flip Through the Digital Edition of CSC’s 2012-2013 Catalog


So, you’ve got your printed copy of The Catalog 2012-13 in front of you (don’t have one,  click here), and you want to get more information on a specific product. What to do? It’s simple. Check out the online digital version of the catalog now!
The book includes all the easy to use indexes of our printed copy, plus you … Read More »

High Speed Fiber Optic Network Construction Under Way in Missouri


A few years ago, my local cable company went through my neighborhood and replaced all the outdoor coax with fiber optic cables. Now the “construction boom” is back, and below is a great video article from reporter Anton Troianovski, of the Wall Street Journal, with footage of how the fiber is laid.
With the explosion of internet use and smartphones reaching farther away from our populated cities, cell … Read More »