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Mobile Coverage on Campus Spells Great Benefits for Students

TE Connectivity's Virtual Tour

We’ve all heard stories of spotty cellular and wireless coverage on college campuses and how the faculty, staff and student communities are becoming increasingly frustrated.  However, my personal experience with my daughter having just completed her 1st semester, couldn’t have been more different.
She has access to virtual classes and work groups from nearly everywhere on campus.  She sends emails, uploads … Read More »

TE Connectivty asks, How well do you “Know Your Network?”


Imagine the possibilities for managed connectivity over the entire Data Center network. Let’s take it a step further – what if you could manage the physical layer with an existing network console such as HP’s OpenView™ and IBM’s Tivoli™? Just imagine the possibilities! Read More »

CSC’s Secure(it) Solutions Guide for Information Assurance is Now Available


Communications Supply Corporation (CSC) has released the new, completely updated third generation of our market leading Secure(it) program solutions guide. More that just a catalog, the Secure(it) bundle of secure networking solutions is part of the core backbone of the CSC government market offering. Secure(it) significantly simplifies the design and deployment of secure networks and physical security solutions for defense, … Read More »

Tyco Electronics (AMP NETCONNECT) is now “TE Connectivity”


For decades, Tyco Electronics (formerly AMP) has been at the forefront of interconnection technology. Do you remember the “Champ” connector, or the very first time the IBM Type “A” data connector was introduced? Remember thinking what an innovative company AMP was – always ahead of the game in the connectivity industry? This tradition continues – and Tyco Electronics states, “We … Read More »