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NECA: MaxCell Fabric Innerduct More Efficient Than Rigid


Clearly I am really enamored by MaxCell Fabric Innerduct!  So after I wrote my last post on the subject, and I received this great press release about the product, I knew I had to post an update.
Apparently NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) publishes a document called “NECA Manual of Labor Units” and has included fabric … Read More »

MaxCell Fabric Innerduct – 300% Increase in Cable Density


When I walk out to our warehouse, I like to make my way down the aisles with the Innerduct. I am always enthralled by the massive size of the reels and bright colorful tubes (mostly orange) that line the aisles and tower over my head (granted – I am quite “petite” from a height standpoint). Although the reels are big … Read More »