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WESCO Santa Clara to Host Security/Lighting/Critical Infrastructure Show Aug. 6

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Physical security entails far more than surveillance cameras and locking hardware; WESCO understands that it’s about using these types of solutions with big-picture thinking to properly secure people, property and more. The WESCO Santa Clara branch will host a trade show on Thursday, Aug. 6, which will cover the various options in physical security, as well as how security ties … Read More »

Installing Category 6A: The Future is Now


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Paul Kish, Belden’s Director of Systems & Standards
Category 6A twisted-pair copper received much attention when it first hit the marketplace in 2005. But adoption has been slow, since the 10 gigabit per second (Gb/s) capacity of Category 6A … Read More »

WE’VE GOT IT! Let Us Be Your Low-Voltage Wire Source


We have been having some fun with the “WESCO Wire Shopping Network” videos, promoting our low-voltage wire and cable products. If you haven’t yet seen them, check out the series HERE.
But when it comes to value, we’re serious. Every day at WESCO CSC, we demonstrate our value commitment to our customers.
Do you want quality, world-class products? WE’VE GOT IT!
Need … Read More »