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Request Your Copy of the WESCO CSC 2014-15 Data Communications and Security Catalog


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The new WESCO CSC Data Communications and Security catalog is now available. With over 700 pages, more than 100 manufacturer’s product solutions, emerging technologies (such as DAS, PON and DCIM), and over 13,000 SKU’s, you will quickly see why WESCO CSC is your ONE Source for data communications, security and electrical … Read More »

Tellabs’ Optical LAN Now Available via World’s Smallest ONT


By Matt Hassett, Tellabs
It is no secret that Optical LAN outperforms copper-based LANs in terms of cost, efficiency and security. In addition to more bandwidth, Optical LAN can lower total costs of ownership by up to 70%, consume up to 80% less energy and reduce space needs by up to 90%.

Enterprises are now able to access this technology in … Read More »

Trust Hardened Ethernet Switches for Critical Infrastructure Security Systems


Protecting critical infrastructure with a state-of-the-art IP surveillance system is one of the most essential security applications today. Securing these sites often means securing environmentally challenging and remote sites. These are circumstances that drive adoption of hardened, managed industrial Ethernet switches for security systems. Leading manufacturers like Garrettcom offer a wide array of configurable switches to match management, power, media, … Read More »

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month


As you may know, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month! This awareness month was first observed in 2004 and is sponsored by the National Cyber Security Division within The Department of Homeland Security. The dramatic evolution of technology has forever altered the global landscape of networks. Government must now react faster and smarter and be prepared to deal with … Read More »

TE Connectivty asks, How well do you “Know Your Network?”


Imagine the possibilities for managed connectivity over the entire Data Center network. Let’s take it a step further – what if you could manage the physical layer with an existing network console such as HP’s OpenView™ and IBM’s Tivoli™? Just imagine the possibilities! Read More »

CSC’s Secure(it) Solutions Guide for Information Assurance is Now Available


Communications Supply Corporation (CSC) has released the new, completely updated third generation of our market leading Secure(it) program solutions guide. More that just a catalog, the Secure(it) bundle of secure networking solutions is part of the core backbone of the CSC government market offering. Secure(it) significantly simplifies the design and deployment of secure networks and physical security solutions for defense, … Read More »