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New Video Showcases Belden Innovations for Harsh Environments


I may have mentioned before (at least a few times) that I am a “visual” person. So I just love this product intro from Belden. Produced as a “silent film”, it reminded me of one of my favorite childhood movies, Mel Brook’s “Silent Movie”.  This product is so well represented without the use of words, you will have a full … Read More »

NetKey Cabling System – A Complete, Standards-Compliant Cabling Infrastructure


Panduit describes the design of their NetKey Modules as having a “keystone design”. I couldn’t help but relate this to my passion for building architecture. The keystone is the central, and often most decorated stone in an archway. Without the keystone, the arch would simply fall into a pile of rubble. What Panduit is actually referencing with “keystone” is the … Read More »

Legrand | Ortronics EZ Patch™ – Installation Made EZ!


I thought it was pretty handy when they started dispensing rolled postage stamps from a box. And who doesn’t love “pop-up” dispensers for sticky notes and cleaning wipes? But, I have to admit, one thing I never thought I would pull out of a box, were my patch cords.  When I saw the photo I was immediately intrigued! I believe I … Read More »

R-Jack™ Ethernet Inter-Connect Solution from OCC


Like most folks these days, I constantly find myself discussing 2 topics: security and the environment. Of course, when writing a blog, I like to find a “twist” to the norm, so here is what I present to you today: The R-Jack Solution from Optical Cable Corporation. Designed for harsh military/industrial operating environments (see how I tied those in), R-Jack is a higher-density ruggedized … Read More »

CSC Releases The Security Catalog 2011-2012


I am pleased to announce the release of the 2011-2012 volume of The Security Catalog!
In the security industry, manufacturers launch their newest and most exciting innovations during ISC West every March. So when our Security team went to this year’s show, they recommended that we include many of  these new products, along with the core items you need every day, in the latest … Read More »

OCC’s Quad Box for Rapid Cabling Deployment


I found an interesting new product for applications including mission critical or enterprise data center, storage area networks, co-location facilities, campus environments – just about any application requiring quick termination and little downtime!
OCC’s newest design for effortless data cabling is a 4-channel pre-terminated copper system for rapid plug and play deployment. The Quad Box provides the ultimate in flexibility and functionality and … Read More »

CommScope’s Wired for Wireless™ Solution


Preparing New Construction for the Growing Demand of In-Building Wireless
We’ve all been there, the back of the grocery store, scratching our heads, wondering whether we were supposed to buy the 2% milk, whole milk or chocolate milk. So we take out our cell phone to call our significant other for a reminder only to have zero bars. That’s right, when … Read More »

Leviton Secure Keyed LC and Secure RJ Systems


I read an interesting article awhile back – that noted that 60% of network “hacking” is from internal sources – often from a disgruntled employee. This is one reason that it is critical to prevent unauthorized, or inadvertent changes to your network configuration. Leviton offers great solutions to secure both fiber and copper systems:
Secure Connectivity
The Leviton Secure Keyed LC Fiber System … Read More »