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Installing Category 6A: The Future is Now


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Paul Kish, Belden’s Director of Systems & Standards
Category 6A twisted-pair copper received much attention when it first hit the marketplace in 2005. But adoption has been slow, since the 10 gigabit per second (Gb/s) capacity of Category 6A … Read More »

Performance, Small OD, and Bend Radius – With Cat 6A, you can’t have it all…or can you?

Belden Blog

Category 6A offers ample bandwidth and PoE heat performance, but when it comes to OD and bend radius, it is a pain. While that may not mean much to the end customer, the installer is left to deal with full pathways and cumbersome turns. Between the 10Gbps performance far exceeding the need of most LAN networks and the increased installation … Read More »

Cabling Contractor Best Practice: The Impact of Termination Speed on Your Bottom Line


Author: Brian Duval
Channel Marketing and Inside Sales Manager – Siemon
Read this article and complete the Brainiac Quiz at the end to enter for a chance to win a $25 VISA Gift Card!
As a network cabling contractor, you need to keep an eye on product costs.  When it comes to the cabling products you choose, you’re balancing your customer’s needs against what works … Read More »

Earn BICSI Credits: WESCO CSC Expert Webinar Series

Expert Webinar Series Blog

The Expert Webinar Series has returned! The newest course, “Killer Applications Require Killer Cabling: The Very Latest on Wi-Fi and Network Design,” will be held June 24, 10 – 11 a.m. (Central).  The presentation will be taught by Valerie Maguire, BSEE, Global Sales Engineer, The Siemon Company.
Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the structured cabling implications of emerging and … Read More »

Stay Compliant! Upgrade Your Fiber Testers with Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks Versiv Fiber Tester

If your old fiber testers aren’t compliant, Fluke Networks is here to help! For a limited time, Fluke is offering cash when you trade in your old tester and upgrade to a Fluke Networks Versiv fiber tester. If you buy between May 12, 2014 and August 22, 2014, Fluke will pay you up to $1,000 for each old non-compliant cable … Read More »

Get Smart, Get Cash with Berk-Tek

BerkTek Box Of Money

Berk-Tek has taken a stand to eliminate jobsite scrap, reduce waste and save you time with smartPAK. The smartPAK is the only box packaging with 1,500 feet of UTP cabling. Now the smartPAK gives you an even bigger bang for your buck – Introducing Berk-Tek smartREWARDS. This program puts cash back in your pocket just for buying. You get $10 … Read More »

Calculate Your Scrap & Labor Savings with Berk-Tek’s SmartPAK Cost Savings Calculator


In April I blogged about Berk-Tek’s new SmartPAK packaging: 1,500 feet of UTP cable per box allowing more cable runs while cutting scrap. Now there is a savings calculator so you can estimate the savings on your specific project. The calculator is pre-populated with industry standards, but you can enter your project cable length, hourly labor rate and anticipated … Read More »

Is Copper Wire the Technology of Yesteryear?


Earlier in the month Steve Forbes posted an article on Fox News entitled “Copper Wire — A technology whose time has passed“. In the article, Forbes poses the question “why are copper networks still so widely used although they have been rendered obsolete by next-generation technologies?” His answer (which he feels is quite “simple”), is that … Read More »

CSC now stocking Berk-Tek’s 1,500ft smartPAKs


After obtaining contractor feedback asking for a solution that takes into account today’s realistic field lengths, Berk-Tek introduces their new 1,500’ UTP copper cable package option, smartPAK, which will allow more runs out of one box of cable, while substantially cutting scrap.
A standard 1,000’ box of UTP cable allows three (3) 300’ pulls (the maximum length allowed by the TIA-568-C … Read More »

General Cable’s Green Initiative and Halogen Free Cables, A Webinar Follow-up


Hopefully you caught the last LIVE webinar in our 2012 Expert Webinar series, sponsored by General Cable. If not, you can always catch the recorded versions here (recorded versions are not BICSI accredited).
In addition to the overview of halogens and information on the “Greening” of physical and intelligent infrastructure contained in the presentation, General Cable provides a plethora of … Read More »