4K: A New Dimension in Surveillance Video


Written By: Alan Chan, Senior Product Manager at the Security Systems Division at Sony Electronics.

New 4K surveillance cameras offer major benefits and opportunities to the video security industry with the biggest advantage being higher resolution. Based on positive experience of 4K in the broadcast, D-Cinema and consumer businesses, 4K has the potential of being the next resolution standard in the security industry.

Pixel count-wise, one 4K camera can capture up to four times what a Full HD (1080p) camera can. A 4K camera can capture more details of an object and at a farther distance.

Higher resolution also means more accuracy. A typical security application has two types of demands: situational awareness and detailed monitoring of specific areas of an image, especially for post-incident analysis. With 4K, it is possible to achieve both at the same time, so the camera can capture the important moment.

What is 4K?

4K is the description given for any video, digital cinematographic material or streamed content with about 4000 pixels from side to side. Because most video content today is about twice as wide as it is high, we can say that 4K has about 2000 pixels from top to bottom.

These are approximate numbers and several versions of 4K. In its simplest form, 4K delivers an image four times the overall quality of high definition and about 24 times the quality of standard definition.

Security redefined

The benefit to the increased numbers of pixels found in a 4K image can be easily explained when looking at a still image. When you take a section of a larger 4K image, the increased number of pixels captured means that objects displayed inside it are more defined compared to a high-definition image. This makes it easier for the user of the image to identify content within it because its content is less blurred.

Sony’s 4K technology delivers maximum return on your investment for video surveillance applications in cities, public spaces, airports, roads and railways. Industry-leading image quality, combined with powerful analytics and smart setup, allow for an exciting new range of video surveillance applications. Sony’s 4K camera delivers a clear difference in most environments with dramatically increased efficiency and lower operational costs compared with conventional video security solutions.

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2 Responses to 4K: A New Dimension in Surveillance Video

  1. Dan Hurst said on
    October 20, 2015 at 11:33 am

    Very Interesting Presentation. Amazing Difference from 1080P.

  2. Dan Hurst said on
    October 20, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Amazing Presentation. Amazing difference from 1080P to 5K.

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