Centralized Surveillance Secures Sites Remotely


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Author: Sean Ellison – Distribution Marketing Manager, Milestone


No matter what industry your business operates in—and whether your priority is to ensure employee safety, monitor customer behavior or a combination of requirements—your surveillance solution should be tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

For banks, for instance, security and video surveillance systems play a key role in internal risk management. These systems meet incredibly high standards and requirements because securing people and assets is critical to any financial institution. Ensuring customers’ safety inside the bank or 24/7 use of automatic teller machines (ATMs) is a high priority.

Property owners have to look at ways to better protect their overall businesses, as well as the sites and communities where they operate.  A large city installation requires, for example, requires more resources to handle threats such as vehicle theft, pickpockets, assaults, gang violence and shootings.

With that in mind, many officials today are purchasing centralized surveillance management systems.  The award-winning Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) can improve overall public safety by reducing response times and enabling law enforcement agencies to handle emergencies more effectively.  With security as the highest priority, XProtect VMS allows operators of critical infrastructure sites to interactively monitor equipment, operations and processes. The integration of third-party systems, such as access control, provides additional options to enhance security measures.

Global retail corporations must additionally coordinate the operations of all stores, which are geographically dispersed. Central surveillance management offers a solution for security operators to monitor all stores from a centralized site, such as the company headquarters.

Interconnect_Husky Graphic 2

Below is a chart of the most common surveillance needs:

Security concerns:  
Vault security Assaults during hours of operation Goods gone missing during transport from the main warehouse to shops
Security outside bank Criminal activities by employees or customers
Money transportation from one location to another ATM operations More than security concerns:
Thefts Safe deposit boxes Clerical errors
Gang violence Assaults Payment disputes with customers
Gun shots Drug dealing Improve customer service
Malfunctioning equipment Power shortage Avoid cash register disputes
Assaults Unauthorized individuals on-site Prevent long queues
Shoplifting Break-ins outside of opening hours Parking lot administration
Fraudulent activities by employees or customers Employee theft


The Milestone Husky™ and Milestone Interconnect Solution

Milestone Interconnect™ is a cost-effective surveillance solution to gain central surveillance of multiple sites spread across a region or globally. Milestone Interconnect has advanced video surveillance and situational awareness functions, which can be applied to the Milestone Husky series of network video recorders (NVRs) that come pre-installed with Milestone VMS.  Milestone Husky offers three NVR models with different base configurations.  Although licenses are included with Milestone Husky NVRs, additional camera licenses can be added to the workstation and rack-mounted models.


Milestone Husky M10™ – small, entry level, up to 8 base cameras

Milestone Husky M30™ – workstation for emerging businesses, up to 20 base cameras

Milestone Husky M50™ – rack-mounted for large deployments, up to 80 base cameras


End-User and Integrator Benefits

This type of solution enables end users to handle live and alarm monitoring centrally, perform investigations and handling of evidence material centrally, and increase security level as 24/7 monitoring becomes viable. The advantages include:

  • Optimized surveillance operations – can cover multiple sites with less staff because little to no local personnel is required.  In turn, reduced staff means lower training costs.
  • Optimized systems operations – can manage interconnected systems remotely from the central site and proactively detect system problems, reducing the need for costly onsite service visits.
  • Minimum system maintenance costs – three years of Milestone CARE Plus and hardware support are included with the Milestone Husky NVRs.


For the integrator, combining a flexible and cost-efficient Milestone Husky NVR with the operational overlay based on XProtect Corporate and Milestone Interconnect is less complex and more affordable than traditional solutions. The solution also eliminates unnecessary manual work because the VMS software is pre-installed, and it reduces onsite installation time with auto camera detection and system configuration.


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