Realcomm/IBCon 2015 – WESCO and CommScope Present Redwood


Visit WESCO and CommScope at Realcomm 2015, booth #205, for a demonstration of Redwood, CommScope’s building intelligence platform. Realcomm 2015 is being held at the San Antonio Marriot Rivercenter, June 9-10.

The convergence of building systems has come a long way in the last 10 years and we are at an exciting time in this evolution. Barriers that have stood in the way of transformation are being overcome by emerging technologies that use standards-based infrastructure, open source software and provide impressive returns on investment.

A great example of this sort of technology is in the Redwood® building intelligence platform by CommScope. Redwood touches on every building system because at its core, it isn’t a lighting system; it is a high-density sensor grid that enables smart building and real estate policies.

Imagine what you can do with current and historic information on occupancy. Apart from superb lighting control, integrating the system with HVAC and optimizing your real estate are obvious choices. However, it can be taken much further. Consider the security benefits.

Knowing where every occupant is within your facility provides unparalleled situational awareness in emergency situations or an unauthorized access. Alert policies can provide more information than simply what room was entered, but which desks were visited, where the intruder is currently located, or where they are headed next.

This is just one example of how having “eyes on” your facility offers tremendous benefit. Organizations have already integrated creative applications, using the system to schedule meeting rooms based on occupancy, and directing cleaning crews to focus on areas of higher traffic. While saving 75% in lighting costs with Redwood versus traditional fluorescent lighting is valuable, there is much more to Redwood.

See us at Realcomm/IBCon 2015 in San Antonio, June 9-10, at booth #205.

To learn more about Redwood, click here for an assortment of White Papers.

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