Performance, Small OD, and Bend Radius – With Cat 6A, you can’t have it all…or can you?

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Category 6A offers ample bandwidth and PoE heat performance, but when it comes to OD and bend radius, it is a pain. While that may not mean much to the end customer, the installer is left to deal with full pathways and cumbersome turns. Between the 10Gbps performance far exceeding the need of most LAN networks and the increased installation difficulty, Cat 6A hasn’t been the most popular choice. However, that is beginning to change.

Emerging technologies, higher bandwidth applications, and Power over HDBase-T are moving the needle in the direction of Cat 6A. At the same time, manufacturers are competing to make their cabling easier to install. A great example is Belden’s new 10GXS Cable.

Belden’s 10GXS boasts a number of features that make it easier to install, including a smaller OD, smaller bend radius, less pair untwisting, and barrier tape that is easy to remove. Its patented EquiSpline™ and EquiBlock™ technology provide structural integrity and uniform heat dissipation.

Visit the links below to learn more about Cat 6A market drivers and Belden’s 10GXS.

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