Cabling Contractor Best Practice: The Impact of Termination Speed on Your Bottom Line


Author: Brian Duval
Channel Marketing and Inside Sales Manager – Siemon


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As a network cabling contractor, you need to keep an eye on product costs.  When it comes to the cabling products you choose, you’re balancing your customer’s needs against what works for your bottom line.

But, it is important to remember that not every bottom line benefit can be measured in the product cost you see on your invoice. Sometimes, a product’s ability to make you more efficient can outweigh the purchase price.  Termination speed is a great example. As a contractor, you know that labor costs are a major piece of a cabling project – an area where your customers may be looking to cut their own costs. So, it makes sense that if you can bid lower labor costs than your competition, you stand to win more business.

Of course, you can’t just go in there and slash your labor below the point of profitability.  The key is driving labor efficiencies that give you the breathing room to profitably bid lower labor – simply put, you need to be able to get it done faster.  If you can do the job faster than your competitor, you can bid lower, win the job, and still turn a decent profit…


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