Selecting Rack-Mount PDUs for High-Efficiency Data Centers


Introduction to a CPI White Paper Authored by Anderson Hungria


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As Data Center operators push their facilities to higher and higher efficiency levels, they are pushing the boundaries of their power and cooling infrastructure. In a recent white paper by CPI, “Selecting Rack-Mount Power Distribution Units for High-Efficiency Data Centers,” the author, Anderson Hungria, illustrates the importance of PDUs designed to meet the higher heat loads and power requirements of high-density devices.

One of the key points made in the white paper deals with the new ASHRAE inlet temperature recommendation and the resulting higher temperatures at the rear of the cabinet. Under the new ASHRAE recommendation, inlet temperature can be set up to 80.6°F, which can result in exhaust temperatures of 110°F to 140°F. This is especially hard on the PDUs located at the rear of the cabinet. Managing a warmer environment requires infrastructure that can effectively move the exhaust air and equipment that can endure hotter exhaust.

Deploying infrastructure that can support higher temperatures has its rewards. Under certain conditions, data centers can save 4 to 5% in energy costs for every 1°F increase in server inlet temperature, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy’s, ENERGY STAR Program.

CPI’s eConnect® PDUs are designed and tested for continuous operation in ambient air temperatures up to 149°F, exceeding expected temperatures in a typical contained aisle. Together, eConnect® PDUs and CPI Passive Cooling® and Aisle Containment Solutions can allow data centers to increase heat and power densities by as much as four times their original level and increase cooling efficiency by nearly three times.

For CPI’s recommendations on managing power and optimizing energy use with free cooling, download the complete white paper by clicking on the link below and filling out the form.


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