WE’VE GOT IT! Let Us Be Your Low-Voltage Wire Source


We have been having some fun with the “WESCO Wire Shopping Network” videos, promoting our low-voltage wire and cable products. If you haven’t yet seen them, check out the series HERE.

But when it comes to value, we’re serious. Every day at WESCO CSC, we demonstrate our value commitment to our customers.

Do you want quality, world-class products? WE’VE GOT IT!

Need wire and cable that’s priced right? WE’VE GOT IT!

Would you like great service and technical support? DONE!


We’re also an innovator in this field. Did you know that WESCO CSC introduced access control composite cable to the market? Our team uncovered the need for—and developed—a cable to provide significant time and money savings to access control systems installers.

Gone are the days of pulling four cables to each door; now, one cable does the job. Just imagine the labor savings this one cable has provided to the market in the past 10 years!

In addition to access control composite cable, we offer:

  • Multi-Conductor and Multi-Pair Cable (Plenum and Non-Plenum)
  • Fire Alarm Cable
  • Coax Cable
  • Other Composite Cables
  • Fire Alarm Cable
  • Instrumentation and Control Cable
  • Tray Cable and PLTC
  • Specialty Constructions with the shortest lead times


Call us at (877) 462-7279, and find out how we can meet—and beat—your low-voltage wire requirements.

Need a WESCO low-voltage line card? Download a PDF HERE.

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