The Easy Button: Milestone’s New XProtect® NVR


Last week I spent three hours with my grandmother labeling buttons on her Blu-Ray player, stereo, cable box and television. It was a step-by-step guide to watching her favorite movies and TV shows. She is the most organized person I know, but when it comes to technology, she needs an easy button. The transition to IP networks has been a game-changer for the security industry, but the transition isn’t so simple. What it needs is an easy button. Many users would like to migrate to IP, but are concerned about the cost and time required to convert infrastructure and seamlessly integrate all components.

Milestone has developed an answer for this issue with their new XProtect® NVR SE, a scalable, ready-to-use IP and hybrid solution. The XProtect allows users to integrate existing cameras and hardware, as well as future IP-based hardware, for an easy and effective analog to IP transition. It combines Milestone’s advanced video management software with high-performance hardware for a feature-rich, easy to use, security system. This system incorporates all the benefits users have come to expect from Milestone’s flexible open platform, while also supporting a wide range of hardware devices. Milestone’s XProtect NVR is the security integrator’s “Easy Button”. The XProtect® NVR is available now at WESCO CSC. Click here to contact your local your local sales rep for more information.

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