CSC now stocking Berk-Tek’s 1,500ft smartPAKs


After obtaining contractor feedback asking for a solution that takes into account today’s realistic field lengths, Berk-Tek introduces their new 1,500’ UTP copper cable package option, smartPAK, which will allow more runs out of one box of cable, while substantially cutting scrap.

A standard 1,000’ box of UTP cable allows three (3) 300’ pulls (the maximum length allowed by the TIA-568-C standards), leaving 100’ (10%) as leftover scrap. However, since the “typical” run is half that distance, which then equals six (6) 150’ runs, the scrap remains the same at 100’. The smartPAK package allows multiple lengths of either 300’ or 150’ with no scrap.

Because Berk-Tek’s smartPAK box contains 50% more cable, the box construction is made with additional reinforced, multi-layer corrugated cardboard for added strength. This reduces carton sagging and improves stacking. Although there is more cardboard for each box, fewer boxes will be needed on the jobsite, which equates to a 10-15% reduction in cardboard waste on the versus the 1,000’ box option which saves space and reduces the box changeovers. In addition, there is an innovative thumb hole for strength and better grip.

Click here to download the smartPAK brochure for cable specifications and CSC part numbers. Contact your local CSC branch to place an order now!


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