Is Copper Wire the Technology of Yesteryear?


Earlier in the month Steve Forbes posted an article on Fox News entitled “Copper Wire — A technology whose time has passed“. In the article, Forbes poses the question “why are copper networks still so widely used although they have been rendered obsolete by next-generation technologies?” His answer (which he feels is quite “simple”), is that federal, state and local regulations are “stuck in the past”. Forbes takes issue with regulations which “favor a century-old technology over the most cutting-edge of today’s services.”

Forbes cites the network infrastructure rebuilding on the East Coast after Hurricane Sandy to build his point stating: “As the rebuilding process continues, many see great value in taking this opportunity to replace outdated copper wire networks with the most modern and useful technologies available. Aside from the benefits of faster connection speeds and advanced service offerings, these new technologies provide next-generation wireless and fiber networks that can withstand harsher environmental interference and can be upgraded as technology improves without the expense of deploying an entirely new network. This means better and more reliable service for consumers at an ultimately lower cost. But regulations are currently threatening these upgrades from taking place, instead requiring companies to replace the copper wire networks of yesteryear…”

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What are your thoughts? Is Copper Infrastructure a thing of the past? Is Forbes assessment correct?



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