Corning’s ALTOS® Cable with FastAccess™ Technology: “It’s the cable with a peel!”


Over the years I have heard many a woe from installers about the time and hazard involved in outside plant cable installation. And with fiber cable, issues of “fiber damage” come in to play, which can be costly on the job-site.  ALTOS® Cable with FastAccess™ Technology will forever change how you think about cable installation. Thanks to the innovative engineering of Corning Cable Systems, you now have an outside plant cable with at least 50% faster cable end-span access, with no sharp tools required. ALTOS gel-free cables with FastAccess Technology have all of the durability and ruggedness you expect from an outside plant cable, yet the jacket peels away easily, and without a rip cord.

As I started reading about the new technology, I was thrilled to see that when you compare the FastAccess cable to its standard counterpart, they have identical cable construction, application parameters and meet the same industry requirements. But check out this comparison document to see the difference in the cables – the significant time savings in cable access is tremendous! Since there haven’t been any significant changes to stripping OSP cables in at least 30 years (when Corning originally invented the loose tube cable construction), I had a lot of questions as to how this new technology was developed and was tested. Corning provides this great FAQ document, “Just the Technical Facts“,  that answered all of my question (and then some).

You might also want to watch this short Corning video, “The Technology Behind ALTOS Cable with FastAccess Technology”:


Corning also provides these other documents and videos you might want to check out:

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