Watch Superior Essex Make OSP Copper Cable


I’ve been fortunate enough to tour a few cable plants over the years and always find it fascinating. They start with huge copper coils that get drawn into large machines and come out as the thin tendrils we know as annealed copper conductors. Next the conductors go through the insulation process, twisting and stranding. My favorite part to watch, though, is the cabling process. In this process, multiple units of conductors are twisted together (Superior Essex cables up to 4200 pair in a single cable) into color coded groups before any shielding and the jacket are extruded on to it.

For those who can’t get to a cable plant, I found this short video that explains the process from start to finish, and includes some great shots of the factory floor as the high pair count cable passes through the various stages of the manufacturing process.  Check it out now:

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