Protect Racks with Security Doors from Cooper B-Line


Security in the physical layer is a huge concern today. When you need to secure your equipment in the rack, you can’t afford a “shut down”, and certainly don’t want to yank all your equipment out the rack to move it to a new cabinet. Here’s a cost-effective, labor saving solution from Cooper B-Line: rack security doors. These lockable doors easily install on the front or back of existing two post racks, ensuring the hardware inside is not accessible. For added versatility, each door includes adjustable brackets designed to accommodate various cable management depths.


Key features of the rack security doors include:

  • Utilize on 2-post, non-welded 84” racks
  • Available in acrylic and perforated steel door options
  • Inner Slide allows for depth adjustment from 5/14” to 9 ¼”
  • Simple key closure for easy access control
  • Suitable for retrofit installations

The doors are part of Cooper B-line’s network rack security product line Adaptable to meet a wide range of data center projects, this product line is designed to be an effective and easy-to-implement solution for physical layer security for IT applications in the finance, healthcare, government, institutional and retail markets. Tell us about your implementation of Cooper’s rack security doors:

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