October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month


As you may know, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month! This awareness month was first observed in 2004 and is sponsored by the National Cyber Security Division within The Department of Homeland Security. The dramatic evolution of technology has forever altered the global landscape of networks. Government must now react faster and smarter and be prepared to deal with cyber security threats to their communication networks—threats that didn’t exist a decade ago. Communications Supply Corporation (CSC), a subsidiary of WESCO International, Inc. (NYSE: WCC) helps secure networks through the ONLY program dedicated to the protection of layer one infrastructure, known as Secure(it).

Our Secure(it) program focuses on protecting the integrity of the physical and network security infrastructure. The program was developed after working closely with our customers, manufactures and officials throughout the Information Assurance and Intel communities. Secure(it) solutions significantly simplify network infrastructure design and ease the stress of network deployment. Check out the Secure(it) Solutions Guide, filled with industry leading Cyber Security solutions.

What is your biggest concern or challenge when it comes to cyber security?

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