Corning Solutions Being Used for Presidential Debate on 10/22/12


Lights, camera, action…or in this case, debate. We see it every 4 years. Just think about how the network speed requirements have increased over the years to handle the bandwidth necessary for almost 60 million viewers to watch this single program without interruption. CSC’s industry leading manufacturer partner, Corning Cable Systems announced yesterday that they will be providing the fiber optic network cabling and connectivity for the final presidential debate on Oct. 22 at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.

The presidential debate will be aired on more than 10 major networks and covered by hundreds of media members, requiring a lightning-fast, high volume of bandwidth with proven connectivity. Featured in a Corning press release yesterday, was this great testimonial from the chief information officer of Lynn University, Chris Boniforti: “Corning has stepped up to the plate and has brought forward a fantastic and cutting-edge solution for our debate infrastructure,” Chris said, “This will permit us to run network equipment at 10GB speed and allow us to take advantage of high-speed networking equipment. We are really excited that this same key infrastructure will get re-used by our students after the debate. This is a wonderful partnership, and we are excited about our future with Corning.”

Read Corning’s full press release now

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