BICSI Accredited Webinar Sponsored by Axis Communications


I hope you have been taking advantage of CSC’s BICSI accredited webinar series. Register now for the upcoming presentation from Axis Communications entitled “The Path to ESS Credentials & the Top 10 Transformative Technologies for Video Surveillance”. This session offers a comprehensive look at the technologies of greatest impact for both Physical and Cyber Security, with the core topics needed to achieve BICSI’s ESS Credential. Each technology is ranked and presented with a brief overview and case study. All technologies presented are linked to their references in BICSI’s ESSDRM.

You’ll learn how to positively impact in both Physical Security and Information Technology program design, and contribute to safety and operations management. Rapid advances in technology can positively or negatively influence you every day as a physical security professional. Learn how to assess the competence and adoption of these technologies and prepare to achieve a leading industry credential.

View the remaining webinar schedule for 2012 and access recorded versions of those we hosted previously (BICSI credits are only available for LIVE webinars)

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