NetKey Cabling System – A Complete, Standards-Compliant Cabling Infrastructure


Panduit describes the design of their NetKey Modules as having a “keystone design”. I couldn’t help but relate this to my passion for building architecture. The keystone is the central, and often most decorated stone in an archway. Without the keystone, the arch would simply fall into a pile of rubble. What Panduit is actually referencing with “keystone” is the universal opening and mounting system. However, in my opinion, much like the keystone of architecture, Panduit’s NetKey is also beautifully designed and a “key” component for your cabling infrastructure.

The NetKey Copper and Fiber Cabling System provides a complete, standards-compliant cabling infrastructure solution for voice, data and video applications. NetKey Modules feature the universal “keystone” design and are compatible with a wide assortment of modular patch panels, faceplates and surface mount boxes. When teamed with complementary Panduit products, the NetKey solutions cover all your needs from the telecommunication room to the work area with the proven innovation and quality you depend on from Panduit.

Download CSC’s contractor solution brochure featuring Panduit’s NetKey Cabling System now.

3 Responses to NetKey Cabling System – A Complete, Standards-Compliant Cabling Infrastructure

  1. wab said on
    September 17, 2012 at 11:56 am

    Since the term Keystone is a universal mounting for multiple manufacturers, who was the first to coin the term?

    • Brian West said on
      September 20, 2012 at 12:34 am

      The first time I saw it was ICC jacks, but I am not positive it was them. This was back in 1994

    • Stefanie Rembiszewski said on
      September 27, 2012 at 10:34 am

      WAB – thanks for the great question! This one got me doing a lot of research. It is easy to find the “Why” we call the jacks a “keystone” as the term was coined to describe the shape of the RJ style jack. I posted your question in a Network Cabling group I belong to, as my memory thought perhaps AMP had coined the phrase – I remember it in the late ’80’s (sorry Brian). David Landphair, RCDD, who worked for AMP back in that period of time said he, too, thought they may have coined the phrase as AMP was HQ in Harrisburg, PA (Keystone state).
      Another answer given was “The first time I heard the term coined in relation to cabling components was the IBM PDS.” This also makes sense to me. IBM may have coined it for their PDS (Premises Distribution System) since they did not manufacturer these jacks themselves and did not call out a specific manufacturers product to be spec’d.

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