HEPACART: Ceiling Access in Healthcare Environments


Having just finished the 3-Day 60-mile walk to find a cure, health issues are in the forefront of my mind. So I got really excited when I saw this great, innovative product line CSC carries for the healthcare industry. HEPACARTS protect patients by significantly reducing the risk of nosocomial, hospital acquired infections. Construction, renovation and maintenance can be fatal to healthcare patients with compromised immune systems. This can occur when the air flow in the affected area is disrupted and airborne dust particles are dispersed. Within those airborne dust particles, there exist many common harmful components including mold spores, bacteria, construction debris, viruses, rodent waste, dust mites, toxins and chemicals like PCBs. Patients who are immune-compromised (like cancer patients, transplant patients and HIV patients who have significantly weakened immune systems) are at risk from these contaminates, especially mold spores like aspergillus furmigatus.

HEPACARTS protect patients by collecting and filtering these contaminants. All HEPACART solutions are designed for contractors and healthcare operations personnel to comply with the Infection Control Risk Assessment Guidelines to aid in infectious disease prevention and dust control. They are engineered and constructed by healthcare contractors and they are manufactured in the USA. Some of the key features include:

  • Air filtration system has a certified air cleanliness level of 99.99%
  • Stainless high-grade aluminum skin is easily cleaned, resists tears and punctures, and resists static build-up
  • Accommodates an eight-foot ladder with space and stability for two workers
  • Locking options turn the HEPACART into a job-site Gang Box
  • Durable, non-marring casters protect floors and are rated at 900 lbs. each
  • 25-foot, self-retracting, heavy-duty power cord, 120V outlets inside

Download CSC’s Healthcare Solutions Brochure featuring HEPACART Solutions now. In addition, I highly recommend reading HEPACART’s very informative White Paper “Practical Standards for Ceiling Access Carts & Room Isolation

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