Bonding & Grounding De-Mystified: A Standards Update from Belden


Last month CSC sent out this informative paper from Belden in our Trusted Advisor eNewsletter – the industry newsletter that presents recent & unbiased white papers from industry leading manufacturers on the technological information you crave. Subscribe to the Trusted Advisor now.

TIA recently published a new ANSI/TIA-607-B-2011 “Bonding and Grounding (Earthing) Standard for Customer Premises.” This is a major revision of the standard and contains a lot of new material. Belden’s Paul Kish provides a brief overview of the standards main components, key definitions and terminology as well as the main differences compared to the previous edition of the standard, in this informative article/white paper “Bonding & Grounding De-mystified.”

This is a surprisingly quick read, as Mr. Kish managed to get a great deal of relevant information into a single page, easy to understand document featured in the March/April edition of CNS Magazine. Read Bonding & Grounding De-mystified now.

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