Corning’s CCH Pigtail Splice Cassettes Save Time & Money


Splicing fibers on the job site can be quite time consuming. Corning Cable Systems CCH Pigtail Splice Cassettes enable faster field splicing and easy modular management of connectorization within the housing. The CCH Pigtail Splice Cassettes are pre-loaded and pre-routed for quick fusion splicing of either individual or ribbon fiber pigtails, utilizing the same space saving platform as the standard CCH Splice Cassette. The Pigtail Cassettes dramatically reduce field labor by streamlining the features and components of the pigtail cassette to allow for efficiencies in the field. With the Pigtail Cassette, installers will also enjoy the elimination of individual splice trays or separate splice housings, as well as allowing splicing to be done away from the rack housing in a suitable workspace as needed. The modular design makes it easy to access the fiber in an individual cassette without disturbing the other fibers in the housing.

For more information, download Corning’s CCH family spec sheet.

For more information, or to place an order, contact your local CSC branch.

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