Q&A with the Chair of the DAS Forum


I am not an avid watcher of TV talk shows, but every once in a while when flipping through channels, an interesting banter catches my attention and I can’t help but stop to listen. That’s how I felt when I came upon this Q&A article posted on CI&M’s website: “Questions and answers with a DAS expert“.

The “expert”, Allen Dixon, is the national channel development manager for Corning MobileAccess and currently serves as chair of the DAS Forum .

As a distributor of Corning Mobile Access’ DAS solution, I was excited to find the in-depth answers provided to the broad range of questions posed in this article. Just a few of the comprehensive questions asked by CI&M were:

  • Can any or all parts of a DAS coexist with local area network (LAN) equipment, in the same telecommunications rooms, racks, pathways, etc.?
  • Is there anything an enterprise end-user organization can do to prepare for an eventual DAS installation that will not happen immediately?
  • Turning a little more attention to the business side of DAS installations, I understand it can be difficult to get carriers to participate and bear some of the capital costs of a project. Is there a strategy or formula that strikes a balance, for everyone involved, between capital outlay and benefit from the establishment of a DAS?

To read Mr. Dixon’s responses to these and many other questions, view the article on CI&M’s website now.

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