TIA 2012 ICT Market Review & Forecast for Network Infrastructure Spending Has Positive Outlook


I was sent this great article from OSP Magazine that quickly outlines TIA’s ICT Market Review and Forecast. The report projects increased spending due to the rapid growth in use of smartphones, tablets, cloud-related services and video streaming for business purposes. In turn, these create greater demand on the corporate network. What type of increase are we talking about? The prediction is that companies that support both wired and wireless networks are expected to spend nearly 41% more in the next 4 years than was spent in the last 4 years. They are talking about $70 billion spending in 2012, and 4 year growth from $210 billion in the last 4 years growing to $296 billion in the next 4 years.

Other interesting predictions:

  • In 2012, cloud computing will be the fastest growing category, growing more than 23%
  • By 2015 global internet traffic will quadruple
  • 35x increase in mobile broadband traffic by 2017

Download the article from OSP Magazine in PDF now, or read the online version at ospmag.com now

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