Flip Through the Digital Edition of CSC’s 2012-2013 Catalog


So, you’ve got your printed copy of The Catalog 2012-13 in front of you (don’t have one,  click here), and you want to get more information on a specific product. What to do? It’s simple. Check out the online digital version of the catalog now!

The book includes all the easy to use indexes of our printed copy, plus you can easily search by word, page, or flip by section. Click on tables to go to the manufacturer’s website for product specifications. You can save the book to your desktop and add notes to pages for future reference. And, once you’re in the new book, be sure to share it with your friends – there are quick links for Sharing on Linked-In, Tweeting and Liking it on Facebook. 

This is The Catalog you will come back to time and time again!

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