High Speed Fiber Optic Network Construction Under Way in Missouri


A few years ago, my local cable company went through my neighborhood and replaced all the outdoor coax with fiber optic cables. Now the “construction boom” is back, and below is a great video article from reporter Anton Troianovski, of the Wall Street Journal, with footage of how the fiber is laid.

With the explosion of internet use and smartphones reaching farther away from our populated cities, cell towers everywhere are being over taxed. In rural Missouri, for instance, Bluebird Networks is adding 1500 miles of new fiber backbone cable to its existing 3000 mile network. As their network infrastructure partner inside & outside, CSC provided the HDPE Duct and Fiber Optic cable shown being placed by the big cable plows in the video story, along with the other OSP products including galvanized conduit, handholes, splice closures, pedestals, warning tape and other accessories:

To learn more about CSC’s complete offering of outside plant solutions, download our brochure and line card.

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