Legrand Ortronics Introduces iPad/iPhone Resource Guide App


I tend to get a little distracted in the morning before I leave the house for work. I just can’t help it, but I have to check my email and perhaps play a quick game of Kakuro or Angry Birds on my iPad.  Today’s distraction was a combination of all my little habits – I was glancing through my emails, saw a note about a new resource guide iPad app from Legrand Ortronics, and just had to download it and check it out. My first catalog app download, and I have to say – it is quite a powerful and convenient tool.

The Legrand Ortronics Resource Guide App is described on the Apple store as “your resource center for product information for Ortronics high performance network infrastructure solutions, including a complete range of copper and fiber connectivity as well as layer Zero infrastructure” (racks, cabinets, cable tray, raceway, etc.). Right now the app includes the most recent Legrand Ortronics catalog, with lots of hot-links to more information on their website. There will be more literature made available digitally through this free app in the future. From an “ease-of-use” and “speed-of-use” standpoint, I was impressed. A very handy tool indeed.

Download your free Legrand Ortronics Resource Guide for iPad or iPhone now from the iTunes App Store.

One Response to Legrand Ortronics Introduces iPad/iPhone Resource Guide App

  1. Michael Callewaert said on
    March 8, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    I take my IPad with me on sales calls and this is just another sales tool to help increase my value to the customer.

    does anyone know of any more i can download?

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