FOA’s Fiber Optic “Loss Budget Calculator” iPad App


Next time you are out on a jobsite testing a fiber optic link and you need to know whether your test results are within reason, or better yet, make a pass/fail determination, you can simply whip out your iPad and use the FREE iPad app: FOA LossCalc. The Fiber Optic Association ( a not-for-profit professional society of fiber optics) offers this free application in the iTunes store.

The FOA also states that by using this program, designers of a link can determine if communications equipment will operate of the link.

So how easy is this app to use? Simply put in your data:

  • Multimode or singlemode (the app has default specs or you can create your own)
  • length of the fiber
  • number of connections/splices

and the calculator will return the end-to-end loss of the link.

Download the Free App from iTunes now

One Response to FOA’s Fiber Optic “Loss Budget Calculator” iPad App

  1. Bill said on
    March 20, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    Nice app, great price, but WHY OH WHY isn’t there a way to input distance in FEET and have the app convert to km? Such an easy thing to include in this app I don’t understand it. I would gladly pay for this upgrade.

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