Help is Just a Mouse Click Away


Submitted by Gail Ray-Watson, Marketing Program Manager, Superior Essex

It never seems to fail that if something goes wrong, it’s at an inconvenient time. The washing machine goes bad on the weekend; the A/C goes out in the middle of the night; or the cable blinks off after normal repair hours.

If you’re a communications cable installer, you can probably empathize with the person who’s standing at the end-user’s job site with thousands of feet of cable stacked neatly nearby, staring down at the cable in-hand and wondering – what’s the maximum pulling distance, what’s the maximum pulling tension, what’s the minimum bend radius? Who can help me – after business hours – NOW!

In instances like these and others, it’s good to have membership in the Superior Essex Community, a free online forum for cable contractors, installers, specifiers, engineers and architects. It is designed to give novice and “expert” level members a place to discuss cable-related topics, ask and answer questions, and post feedback to industry-related topics.

In the Superior Essex Community, help is just a mouse click away. It is accessible by any internet-accessible device (phone, tablet, computer), and is open 24-hours a day. Visit the Community at, and take advantage of login options using existing Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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