Corning Announces Specifications for the New CCH Design


Click here for specifications on the new CCH design.

Corning Cable Systems introduced the Closet Connector Housing (CCH-01U, CCH-02U, CCH-03U, and CCH-04U) in 1996.  At the time, it was one of the first fiber optic hardware designed specifically for the wants and needs of the Enterprise market.  For the last 15 years, the CCH has remained relatively unchanged while becoming one of the industry’s top selling rack-mounted hardware product lines.

Starting in 2009, Corning determined that the time had come to reinvigorate the line.  Corning began speaking with customers to fully understand not only why the product had become so successful, but identify the unmet needs that could be solved through innovation.

Corning identified three areas that have been fundamental to the CCH’s success.  First, and most importantly was availability.  Customers needed the product to be available within 24-48 hours which the CCH has maintained.  Next was compatibility.  Because most work performed today is moves/adds/changes (MAC), compatibility with CCH connector panels has helped drive success.  CCH connector panels will work in any of CCS LANscape rack-mount, or wall-mount  hardware and therefore allow flexibility for frequent MAC work.  In addition, compatibility with other standard industry products and technology trends is required.  Finally, ease of use for the everyday or infrequent installer has been critical.  In summary, the qualities that made the CCH successful for 15 years have been Availability, Compatibility, and Ease of Use.

With that understood, CCS uncovered several key areas of unmet need.  First was fiber and cable strain relief.  Current methods simply didn’t permit flexible installations in the manner that customers demanded.  Cable routing was also identified as an unmet need.  The work spaces within most housings were dark, cramped, and likely to cause fiber failures. Next, solutions for port and housing labeling were disparate, often proprietary, and not scalable as the network grew.  Finally, as fusion splicing was becoming more prevalent in the enterprise market, no good solutions existed which allowed the customer to manage their splicing needs and also maximize housing efficiency.

The result is the reinvigoration of an industry-leading fiber optic hardware line.  The NEW CCH product line will maintain the availability, compatibility and ease-of-use you’re accustomed to.  And through innovation, CCS has made it even easier to use. They have tackled strain relief, routing, and labeling as well as having designed an elegant splicing solution.

CCS will formally launch the new CCH and splice cassettes on February 7, 2012 and between now and then, CSC and CCS will be working closely to make sure you have the information and materials you need to be successful.  Keep joining us here for regular updates as we continue providing the latest details on the new CCH.

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