5G WiFi Promises the Connected Home and Exploding Bandwidth

With BroadCom’s launch of the first Gigabit Speed 802.11ac Chip, consumers will enjoy faster HD streaming, web content and synching. Every home and WiFi hotspot will soon have smartphones, PCs, web-enabled TVs, Blu-Ray players and gaming devices banding together like a gang of data-drawing vampires. As WiFi network speed increases, Internet Service Providers and Data Centers can expect demand for storage and bandwidth to go from rapid incline to complete explosion.

I recall a time when I received a new office computer…fast at the time, now dreadful by today’s standards. After receiving my new computer, IT support asked how I liked it. My reply was “It’s like driving a corvette in a traffic jam, it looks great, and I can’t wait for the open road”. Same is true with 5G WiFi, it’s only as good as the wider network.

You can find BroadCom’s Press Release on their new 5G WiFi Chip here.

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