Mobile Coverage on Campus Spells Great Benefits for Students

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We’ve all heard stories of spotty cellular and wireless coverage on college campuses and how the faculty, staff and student communities are becoming increasingly frustrated.  However, my personal experience with my daughter having just completed her 1st semester, couldn’t have been more different.

She has access to virtual classes and work groups from nearly everywhere on campus.  She sends emails, uploads assignments, and corresponds with her professors and fellow students from the dorms, library, classrooms and other common areas around campus. This is a huge advantage for my daughter’s education and certainly something her university can promote. Overcoming the difficulty of installing wireless coverage and capacity in many of the old, historic brick buildings around campus has ensured their ability to keep pace with technology for years to come.

Here at CSC many of our customers are asking for wireless coverage on campuses throughout the country.  And leading edge suppliers such as TE Connectivity have helped educators in primary, secondary and higher education facilities bolster the learning of their students around the country and around the globe.

To learn more about TE’s customized coverage and capacity solutions for educational campuses, please visit them at, view their innovative virtual tour, or call your local CSC branch at 877-462-7279.

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  1. WAB said on
    December 30, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    Must be attending Purdue University.

    Perhaps DAS installations will begin to get traction in 2012 and end-users request more installations.

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