R-Jack™ Ethernet Inter-Connect Solution from OCC


Like most folks these days, I constantly find myself discussing 2 topics: security and the environment. Of course, when writing a blog, I like to find a “twist” to the norm, so here is what I present to you today: The R-Jack Solution from Optical Cable Corporation. Designed for harsh military/industrial operating environments (see how I tied those in), R-Jack is a higher-density ruggedized family of RJ-45 receptacles, plugs & backshells. The Ethernet receptacles feature 100% transversely sealed configurations which prevent dust, water or moisture penetration with or without dust cap or plug engagement. Also, R-JACK Ethernet receptacles offer comprehensive shielding and grounding effectiveness capable of sustaining higher data transmission rates as well as Electro-Magnetic Conductance (EMC) for military applications. Lastly, OCC offers multiple R-JACK Ethernet pre-kitted solutions which include gaskets, O-rings, mounting brackets, and hardware, making it easier for you to procure, install and integrate these components.

Download OCC’s R-Jack Product Brochure for a complete listing of features and benefits, performance specifications and product drawings.

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