Cloud University: 5-Minute Lessons on Cloud Security


Yesterday I had to update the software on my iPad2. When I re-booted I had new options to select before I could  view my applications (play). One of these was iCloud. I passed for now, as I wasn’t sure if this is a secure storage option for my data.

So I was excited this morning when I was invited to enroll in TechTarget’s all-new Cloud University, and I couldn’t help but check it out immediately! On-line video classes take just 5-minutes per lesson and are designed to bring you up to speed with the key concepts of cloud security. The lessons are taught by key industry experts, and I watched the first video “Cloud Security in Context” where presenter Dick Mackey (VP at System Experts Corporation) discussed the issues that enterprise IT shops must consider when determining whether they will deploy internal services to the cloud or consume services that exist in the cloud.

There are 4 more lessons in the series rounded out by a Quiz you can take so you can see what you’ve learned. The synopsis provided in my invite lists these as:

Lesson 2: Cloud Interoperability and Standards
In this lesson, Mackey introduces cloud interoperability and management concepts and explains how the current state of cloud computing limits choices and movement of services from cloud provider to cloud provider.

Lesson 3: Compliance in the Cloud
In this lesson, Mackey discusses how cloud computing affects compliance with various regulations and contracts. You’ll get an overview of particular regulatory requirements – including PCI, HIPAA, PCI DSS and others – and their demands on cloud consumers and providers, as well as an introduction to issues such as encryption, data segregation, monitoring, auditing and testing.

Lesson 4: Legal and Contractual Issues in the Cloud
In the final lesson, Mackey discusses the types of terms that consumers of cloud services need to include in contracts with providers. Discover why issues such as data protection and disposal, incident response and coordination, availability requirements, and transparency of operations must be considered.

Find out for yourself what Cloud University offers and enroll in this class today!

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