Don’t Get Lost Testing Fiber


In case you missed the last issue of CSC’s Trusted Advisor eNewsletter, I wanted to share the featured white paper on test procedures for accurate and repeatable optical loss measurements.

Optical fiber loss testing is not as simple as it seems. Providing an accurate method for optical loss testing is becoming a lot more important for higher data rate applications that place more stringent requirements on the maximum allowable loss for a channel between an optical transmitter and an optical receiver.

In this white paper “Optical Fiber Loss Testing“, Paul Kish, Director-Systems and Standards at Belden, provides some information on how the method of testing can affect the accuracy of optical loss measurements. Some major factors include 1) the characteristics of light source and how light is coupled into the fiber, 2) the mode conditioning filter that is used, 3) the type and quality of the “test reference cord” and 4) fiber mismatch between the test reference cords and the link under test.

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