TE Connectivty asks, How well do you “Know Your Network?”


In my travels and meetings with Data Center Managers, I get a lot of questions about CSC and our Suppliers. Some of which I can answer. Here’s a few of the tougher ones that seem to span many of our markets;

• “What if I could see every network connection in real-time?”

• “What if every move, add or change was automatically identified and documented?”

• “What if the actions in the physical layer were accurately correlated to elements of the upper network layers?”

Imagine the possibilities for managed connectivity over the entire Data Center network. Let’s take it a step further – what if you could manage the physical layer with an existing network console such as HP’s OpenView™ and IBM’s Tivoli™? Just imagine the possibilities!

Well, I’ve come to learn that TE Connectivity has done just that. TE’s Quareo™ Technology was developed in response to customer demand for visibility to the part of the network that has always been invisible: The physical layer.

Consider the following: For the first time ever in the physical layer, Data Center Manager’s now have instant, automatic and accurate information at their fingertips that they’ve never had before. And just imagine what you can do with that information. What makes this possible is Connection Point Identification, (CPID) technology. CPID incorporates an integrated circuit placed on a standard form factor connector, allowing for MAC-like ID on both ends of every cable. This provides full accountability for each connection point within the network.

Now I know the answers to those tough questions I mentioned earlier. If you’re asking these questions and you’re facing similar challenges in your Data Center – I suggest you contact TE Connectivity. For more information on Quareo, visit www.knowyournetwork.com. Now there’s no more need to imagine.

Read the Quareo Brochure here.

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