Video Intrusion Alarms Improve Arrest Rates


My son told me the other day that we are caught on video, unbeknownst to us, approximately 50 times a day! So, I wonder if that is a good thing, or not. With ever increasing population and ever present crime, perhaps this is for the best. It is certainly helping our police departments.  The increased use of video intrusion alarms has significantly cut down false alarms and has improved arrest rates by as much as 50%.

I wanted to learn more about these video alarm systems, which led me to the website for the Priority Response program. The Priority Response program encourages communities to upgrade their residential and commercial security infrastructure over time to improve life safety and aid local Law Enforcement. It promotes the use of an alarm Dispatch Center to send video clips of alarms directly to the police dispatch operator, who can then forward the actual video to patrol cars. This allows police to be better prepared when arriving at a property, in turn increasing arrest rates.

Taking this one step farther, I found an article in SDM magazinewhich reports on the Boston & Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Departments’ policies designating exclusive and “priority one” dispatch codes for video-verified intrusion alarms. With great success implementing use of video alarms, Major Levins from Charlotte-Mecklenburg recently spoke at the Electronic Security Expo on the evolution of 911 response and use of video / still images. Listen to an interview with Major Levins now.

Tell us about your experience with video intrusion alarms.

2 Responses to Video Intrusion Alarms Improve Arrest Rates

  1. David said on
    December 17, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    Great post. Safety and Security are the most important today. Security alarm system – Peace of mind. Worth every penny.

  2. Carol said on
    December 22, 2011 at 9:26 am

    Getting caught on camera 50 times a day is a little big too much “big brother” for my personal comfort. Aren’t there some types of privacy laws that prevent this?

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