OCC’s Quad Box for Rapid Cabling Deployment


I found an interesting new product for applications including mission critical or enterprise data center, storage area networks, co-location facilities, campus environments – just about any application requiring quick termination and little downtime!

OCC’s newest design for effortless data cabling is a 4-channel pre-terminated copper system for rapid plug and play deployment. The Quad Box provides the ultimate in flexibility and functionality and is ideal for installations requiring minimal downtime. Designed for easy implementation, the unique housing construction utilizes any of OCC’s Cat6A compliant shielded or unshielded connectivity. The housing includes a protective cover with integrated pulling eye and label field. They are pre-assembled and tested, guaranteeing reliability and performance compliance to Cat6A requirements, including alien crosstalk; taking time and worry out of cabling for 10GBASE-T and other high bandwidth, high reliability applications.

Download the OCC Quad Box product brochure now. For more information, contact your local CSC sales associate.

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