Technical Application Guide for Interlock Armored Cables


My husband is one of those guys who has to get the best and newest piece of electronic equipment as soon as it is available. Needless to say, I have been given a plethora of toys from Tivos, Blu-Ray players, to my latest gift – a new iPad 2. And over the years, what have I learned when I get a new toy? Read the manual! It may not be as fun as diving right in and figuring it out – but in the end, I know just what to do with the greatest and latest piece of equipment I’ve acquired.

When you’re out on a job site, working with a new cable, do you ever wish you had an instruction manual? You can usually download a datasheet – but where do you go to find out what connector to use – or better yet, what tools you need for proper installation. Superior Essex produces technical guides to help customers install cables. As one of North America’s leading cable manufacturers, Superior Essex designs, manufactures and supplies a wide selection of copper and optical fiber cables, including specialized varieties like their interlock armored cable product line.

Check out Superior Essex’s newest Technical Application Guideline for interlock armored cables. It details the product types, recommends tools for installation and outlines procedures and tips on how to best work with this specialized type of cabling. The guideline even recommends bonding and grounding suggestions, hardware selections and safety procedures, which will help when installing your interlock armored cable project.

For more information on the Superior Essex Interlock Armored Cable product line, contact your local CSC representative.

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