Tyco Electronics (AMP NETCONNECT) is now “TE Connectivity”


For decades, Tyco Electronics (formerly AMP) has been at the forefront of interconnection technology. Do you remember the “Champ” connector, or the very first time the IBM Type “A” data connector was introduced? Remember thinking what an innovative company AMP was – always ahead of the game in the connectivity industry? This tradition continues – and Tyco Electronics states, “We are pleased to re-brand our company as TE Connectivity. TE Connectivity best reflects our organization and who we are. If it needs to be smarter, faster, better, we’re in it. We are TE Connectivity—connecting and protecting the flow of power and data in products that touch every aspect of our lives.”

While this might seem like a strong statement – consider that TE Connectivity is a global, $12 billion+ company that designs and manufactures over 500,000 products that connect and protect the flow of power and data inside the products that touch every aspect of our lives. TE Connectivity has a global team of nearly 100,000 people and partners with customers in virtually every industry. These industries include consumer electronics, energy, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, marine, defense and communication networks. All of this enables smarter, faster, better technologies to connect products to possibilities.

Learn more about TE Connectivity’s Innovative Solutions – Visit their new website now

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