Open Platform IP Surveillance – the Cost Effective Solution for Schools?


When I was a kid – the worst thing I had to deal with at school was a bully. But let’s face it – today’s reality is that school crimes are on the rise. There are “hacking” issues, theft, and kids going to school with knives, and even guns. I am familiar with the fear of letting my kids out of my sight – even while they are off at school. A couple of years back, there was a gunman identified in the area where I live and work . He robbed a bank and was spotted near the local high school, that both my children attend. I was sent an e-mail that the school was on “lock-down” – and I was terrified. They caught the gunman a few hours later and the scare was over.

Schools should be safe havens for education. What can be done to ensure this? I read this great white paper from Milestone: “Schools Improve Security and Save Money with Open Platform IP Video Surveillance“. It lays out a guide for administrators and security departments on the benefits of open platform IP video surveillance technology. It discusses in depth how new developments in video surveillance technology based on IP technology are helping primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities improve security, while enhancing operations and minimizing losses in commercial areas (such as bookstores, cafeterias, and vending machine halls). Compared with traditional analog solutions, IP-based solutions are much more versatile and cost effective. In fact, the advantages can be even more dramatic when an IP video surveillance system is based on an open platform capable of incorporating both IP network cameras and a school’s existing analog cameras.

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  1. Rhonda said on
    April 23, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    What a frightening story about your local school. I completely agree, “Schools should be safe havens for education.” And since they are not, I am glad they have the types of IP Surveillance you talk about here.

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