Leviton Secure Keyed LC and Secure RJ Systems


I read an interesting article awhile back – that noted that 60% of network “hacking” is from internal sources – often from a disgruntled employee. This is one reason that it is critical to prevent unauthorized, or inadvertent changes to your network configuration. Leviton offers great solutions to secure both fiber and copper systems:

Secure Connectivity

The Leviton Secure Keyed LC Fiber System and new Secure RJ Copper System prevent unauthorized changes to critical networks. System assemblies lock into ports and require a matching-color extraction tool to remove. Eight keyed connector colors are available to identify, reserve, and segregate network ports.

The Secure Keyed LC System is made up of trunks, harnesses, patch cords, pigtails, connectors, and QuickPort® fiber adapters.

  • Compatible with any industry standard LC duplex or quad adapter
  • Assemblies are available in single-mode (OS1), multimode (OM1, OM2), and laser optimized multimode (OM3, OM4)

The Secure RJ System is made up of patch cords and trunks, available in both CAT 6 and CAT 6A.

  • Compatible with any industry standard RJ ports in network equipment, devices, patch panels, and work area outlets
  • Transparent polymer housing allows color coding without blocking visibility to Link/Status LEDs on electronic equipment
  • Compatible with high-density network equipment and 1RU 48-port patch panels

Both systems also offer “lock-out” capabilities with port protection plugs. The plugs lock and protect unused ports from the unauthorized insertion of a cable assembly or connector. Only those operators with a matching color extraction tool can open a port.

Both systems can be customized through Leviton’s extensive make-to-order (MTO) program. Learn more at Leviton.com/SecureConnectivity

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  1. Leviton (http://www.tselectronic.com/) said on
    June 14, 2011 at 2:14 am

    Great Article!! Hacking of important information must be prevented and all important data and information must be secured with good equipments that are hacking proof and prevents hackers to enter into their network.

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