CSC’s Secure(it) Solutions Guide for Information Assurance is Now Available


Communications Supply Corporation (CSC) has released the new, completely updated third generation of our market leading Secure(it) program solutions guide. More that just a catalog, the Secure(it) bundle of secure networking solutions is part of the core backbone of the CSC government market offering. Secure(it) significantly simplifies the design and deployment of secure networks and physical security solutions for defense, intelligence and infrastructure end-users, integrators and contractors.

So, aside from more pages representing more manufacturer’s products, what’s new in this release of our Secure(it) Program’s Solution Guide?

  • Every product in the Secure(it) Solutions Guide has a CSC part number, manufacturer part number, features and benefits
  • The guide is now organized into 9 categories representing the most common application used in the government space (i.e. Red/Black Equipment Room, Pathways and Enclosures, Secure Network Solutions)
  • Reference guides to commonly used government acronyms and definitions for “top secret”, “security clearance” and “information assurance”

I could keep going on about the usefulness of this new guide – but why not check it out for yourself! Click here to order your FREE copy today!

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